Dr. Michael A. Simeone : Optometrist Vision Care in Connecticut CT

Comprehensive Eye Exams

A common reason for visits to Dr. Simeone's office is for a Comprehensive Eye Examination. The main aspects of this type of examination include:

  • Complete Eye History

    It is helpful for us to know about any past or present eye conditions, ailments, injuries, treatments or disease you have experienced and how/if they were resolved.
  • Complete Medical History

    This includes any past or present medical conditions and their treatment. New or returning patients can use our online medical form, or if you prefer, just list them and present it at the time of your visit. [ Online Forms ]
  • Recording of Visual Acuity

    This is the traditional reading of letters on the chart. However, we regularly examine infants, illiterate and otherwise disabled patients through objective means.
  • Examination of Eye Coordination, Tracking and Focusing Ability

    Many patients can have 20/20 vision and still be symptomatic if they have deficiencies in any of these skills.
  • External Examination

    Examination of all the external structures of the eyes and area around the eyes.
  • Determination of Prescription

    This is to satisfy the patient's visual requirements and will be customized for maximum comfort since not all patients do well with the standard numbers. This includes patients with deficiencies in eye coordination or tracking, light sensitivity, have had LASIK surgery and other conditions.
  • Internal Examination

    An evaluation of the internal health of the eyes. This may include dilation of the pupils which allows a thorough examination of the internal structures of the eye. We do this to rule out the presence of any eye disease. We also use eye drops (not a puff) to measure the pressure within the eyes, and photography is routinely done to document the state of eye health.